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Shish Kabob

50% off Shish Kabob
Grab a cushion and pull up a spot at this dimly lit, thoughtfully decorated Middle Eastern spot. Kick things off with lavash and lentil soup, move on to hearty kabobs, then cap off the feast with saffron-rose water Persian ice cream.
Hidden, as many of our favorite restaurants are, in an understated strip mall off Nolensville Road, Shish Kabob’s dark, thoughtfully decorated dining room and authentic Middle Eastern fare make this charming little spot equally suited for quick weekday lunches and starry-eyed date nights. For a traditional dining experience, grab a cushion and take a seat at one of the cozy, low tables. As you cruise the menu, we urge you to gather up your willpower and, if possible, attempt to not fill up on the complimentary lavash (it’s made at the international market right next door) and homemade lentil soup. Though delicious, you’ll regret not saving any room for the awesomness that awaits you. Trust us. We know from experience.

Valuing the healthiness of the food they serve as much as the taste, the folks at Shish Kabob want to make sure you’re eating good and staying healthy (seriously, they tell us this every time we go in…it’s really endearing) and continuously look for ways to make the menu even healthier. From a yogurt- and saffron-marinated chicken and lamb shank plate to a vegetarian-friendly falafel sandwich, there’s something on the list for everyone. If you ever manage to save room for dessert (between the complimentary appetizers and large portions it doesn’t happen for us much), order the Persian ice cream. Made with saffron, rose water and topped with cream, we’ll take comfort in knowing that someone—someone with more willpower than us—gets to enjoy it.

Menu Highlights:
Falafel, $3.99
Salad Shirazi, $3.99
Khoresht Ghaymeh (Stew), $8.99
Filet-Shish Kabob, $13.99
Chicken and Lamb Shank, $13.99
Salmon and Kubideh, $14.99

Mon. - Sat., 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sun., 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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