It’s cold out there, folks. Ward off winter-related cabin fever by tackling a few DIY projects and reap the satisfaction of being one of those people who can say, “Oh, you like that? Thanks, I made it.” Crafting endeavors tend to not work out in your favor? No worries. Here’s a list of classes that’ll school you in everything from sewing and knitting to upholstering and woodworking.

Now, go have some fun, you crafty little thing, you.

Sewing Classes with Stitch Sewing School and Studio
Located above the boutique Local Honey, Stitch offers everything from sewing 101 and basic alterations to quilting and hand embroidery classes. With a max of six students per class, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of one-on-one attention (if you’re like us, you’re gonna need it) in a laid back, stress-free environment. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, after all.

Floral Workshop
If your floral arrangements continue to look like total crap despite watching all those YouTube tutorials (we’re not judging), maybe it’s time to get yo’self some help from the pros. Expert floral designer, Emily Thompson (she’s designed for events at the White House, Lincoln Center, the Museum of Modern Art and more) and Flower School New York founder Eileen W. Johnson, will lead an informative, hands-on floral workshop on Saturday, Feb 9 at the Nashville Convention Center. Tickets are pricey at $125, but all materials will be provided and—with Emily and Eileen on your side—you’re sure to walk away with one bada** arrangement.

Knitting Classes with Bliss Yarns
Tired of knitting only scarves? Bliss Yarns offers an impressive lineup of classes from beginning hat knitting or sock knitting to classes that’ll teach you how to create Fair Isle patterns. If you’re a beginner or you’d prefer to learn in a smaller setting, Bliss Yarns also offers private lessons.

Upholstering Classes with A New Cover Upholstery Shop
How many times have you looked at a piece of flea market/thrift store furniture and thought, “I’d totally buy that if I knew how to recover it?” Well, A New Cover Upholstery can totally help you with that. Offering three upholstering classes, A New Cover Upholstery will teach you how to upholster a chair, dining room chairs or a headboard. All you gotta do is supply the fabric and the furniture (they’ll supply the materials to build the headboard if you go that route).

Woodworking Classes with Brick Factory
Wanna learn how to turn an unused pallet into a wall-mounted herb garden? Or a side table? Brick Factory Nashville can show you how it’s done. All materials and tools are provided.