We’re faced with some tough decisions this time of year. Do we let the frigid, surly weather throw us headfirst into hermit-hood? Or do we strap on our long johns beneath our party clothes and valiantly venture into the *gasp* 30-degree weather? We propose a brave, revolutionary alternative – getting crazy-comfy in public. But where? We’ve gathered up Nashville’s safest of safe warm harbors for us to cozy up in.

The Family Wash
2038 Greenwood Ave.
This teeny-tiny East Nashville dive bar is as authentically cool as it is cozy. It’s dark but lively, often crowded but always welcoming. They’re famous for their hearty shepherd’s pies (a.k.a the most glorious comfort food for a frigid night) and now even offer a meatless version.
Hibernating tip: Warm up effortlessly by absorbing body heat emitted by the live band — you’ll be that close.

911 20th Ave. South
Exposed brick and fireplaces make Bound’ry the classiest nook on Music Row. Come for happy hour (4 to 7 p.m. daily), stay for small plates or an entrée, and, if you’re brave enough, top off the night by venturing outside to the open fire pit. Or, you know, retreat back to their swanky Millennium Bar for a nightcap.
Hibernating tip: While watching the chef whip up pizzas in the wood-fired oven, scooch in closer for blasts of upper-body heat.

Pinewood Social
33 Peabody St.
The newest concept from Max and Ben Goldberg has it all: a café, a bar, a restaurant, a living room and a freaking bowling alley. Pinewood Social is definitely not a dim, cave-like space—in fact, it’s downright open and airy—but there’s so much to do and consume that all is forgiven. Forget hibernating; you’ll want to actually move in.
Hibernating tip: Grab a drink called Easy Like Sunday Morning (cortado with fernet and demerara sugar) before curling up on a living-room couch.

Frothy Monkey, 12 South
2509 12th Ave. South
More exposed brick, more dim lighting, and more excellent coffee—what sets this coffeehouse apart from the other comfy places on our list? Delicious soups, a solid soundtrack and the steady hum of hipsters at work.
Hibernating tip: If you’re easily distracted and plan to study or read, bring your earbuds or Beats by Dre or whatever.