Whitman’s Samplers and Hallmark cards are all fine and well (really, thanks Mom), but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, nothing says “be mine” – Nashville style – like buying something local. From handmade marshmallows to Tennessee-grown flowers, we’ve cooked up this a local Valentine’s Day cheat sheet for those of us who want to go that extra mile (within Davidson County limits, of course).

Go to the Garden
Looking for something a bit more thoughtful than a bouquet of roses? Over at A Village of Flowers, bouquets are handpicked and carefully arranged by florists – who actually grow their own flowers. The result? Seasonal floral arrangements that actually look like Nashville.

Forget the Chocolates
If you’re anything like us, you probably eat chocolate every day. Why not skip the Hershey’s kisses for once and order some fluffy, gourmet marshmallows from Bang Candy instead? Shop owner, Sarah Souther, steers clear of mundane ‘mallow and focuses on fresher, funkier flavors, like Peach Basil and Maple Bacon Bourbon. Still craving chocolate? Use these bite-sized suckers to make the best s’mores you’ve ever toasted. (Trust us, we’ve tried it.)

Get Carded
The gift card aisle at the drugstore can be overwhelming, which is why we prefer local print companies like Southern Fried Design. Looking to really make your special someone’s thunder roll? Check out their “I Love You More than Sweet Tea and Garth Brooks” card. Interested in skipping the stationary altogether? Consider putting your message on a tea packet.