Well, we may not have googly eyes or be covered in fur that’s vaguely reminiscent of a blue shag carpet – but that doesn’t mean we’re not pretty well versed in all things cookie. And like all cookie connoisseurs are aware – not all cookies are created equal. Luckily, we’ve put our taste buds to the rest and cultivated a cheat-sheet for sweet-toothed Music City chowhounds.

Khan's Desserts
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
This beloved morsel has been satisfying our cookie cravings ever since we first laid our taste buds on its coconut cream and organic sugar filling, made from scratch in the shop daily. And since technically this treat contains not one, but two of our favorite treats, meaning we can call it a meal if we really feel like it. (We do.) Added surprise bonus: this goodie is vegan.

City House
Cookie Plate
The contents of this rotating cookie plate change on the reg. One week, you might dig into the sweet, unexpected crunch of a cornmeal cookie. The next, you could chow down on small discs of caramelized sorghum, or asking for a second helping of the buttery chocolate-marble cookies. Everything is baked with a whole lotta sugar and butter, just like we like it.

Provence Breads & Cafe
French Macaroons
Available in five different flavors, these puppies bring out the Francophile in every Nashvillian (even the staunchest lover of freedom-fries). Slightly crispy on the outside and soft ‘n’ chewy in the middle, making them a well-deserved reward for the next time you spent 15 minutes looking for parking in Hillsboro Village.

Jake’s Bakes
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Next time a cookie craving leaves us paralyzed, we’re dialing up Jake Veyhl, who owns this cookie delivery service. His cookies are baked to order and delivered (!) in the same insulation packs that pizza companies use. To be clearer: these babies taste like they just came out of the oven. Thought it couldn’t get better? They’re open late.