We’ve stood in line at Jeni’s for 45 minutes, hoping to reach the ice cream counter before the guys run out Brambleberry Crisp. We’ve put on our game face and ventured into the craziness of Lower Broadway on a Saturday night, just because we couldn’t get over our craving for a Mocha Milkshake. When we’re really jonesing for something sweet, though, we don’t go to a place with tables, wall decorations or even an address. We go over to Hillsboro Village and get our fudgy, finger-lickin’ fix from a truck.

The food truck is called Our Sundae Dates. Owner Kyle Melley started slinging whoopie pies, s’mores, hot chocolate and other handmade eats back in October 2013, but his chocolate recipe dates all the way to 1949. His grandma used to whip it up on the regs, and although he can’t tell us what makes the stuff so good, he says it all comes down to the final 30 seconds of the cooking process. There’s also a pretty tasty backstory.

It goes like this: as soon as Kyle got his driver’s license, he started driving over to his grandma’s house every Sunday evening. The two would eat dinner on her back porch, overlooking the water in Clearwater, FL. Those Sunday dates became a tradition, and those conversations helped inform the way Kyle looked at the world. When his grandma passed away in 2012, he chose to keep the conversation ¬– and the good food – going. Kyle moved to Nashville, found a truck and began cooking up Grandma Mary’s chocolate for anyone who happened to wander down the same block at Fido, Hot & Cold and Village Cleaners.

An order of a chocolaty confection from Our Sundae Dates promises more than something sweet – a free side o’ friendship comes with each order. We engage with each and every customer,” Kyle says. “I make it a point to say hello, shake their hand – they usually ask for a hug – and talk to them about my company. It's a bond I share with them reminiscent of the bond I had with my grandmother. We have very loyal customers who love to bring family and friends from out of town, not only buy some chocolate, but to meet us as well. It is the best feeling in the entire world.” And lucky us, it tastes pretty good, too.