On any given weekend, the nights at Patterson House are packed. We're big fans of this Prohibition-style speakeasy, whose bartenders look like Boardwalk Empire extras and the ice comes in eight different filtered varieties. That’s right; even the ice is fancy. And though we've always been partial to The Jennings –  a gussied-up Jack & Coke cocktail that swaps a bit o' hickory-smoked cola for the classic stuff, we were obliged to ask barkeep James Beck what he recommended off the menu. What he tipped us off to? Well, let's just say it's not on the menu.

Enter: the Mexican Hat Dance. Beck explained, “I was drinking horchata at Mas Tacos one day and thought, ‘I really want to come up with a drink based off these flavors.’” He started with orgeat, a traditional liqueur made in-house at Patterson by grinding down roasted almonds and combining them with orange liqueurs, orange juice, and other citrus ingredients. This key flavor lends the drink the nuttiness and texture signature of a horchata. Next, Beck added homemade cinnamon syrup, Vida mezcal, reposado tequila, vanilla liqueur and fresh limejuice. The result? A drink that, in his own words, “tastes like horchata with a kick - and a little bit of smoke.” Like we said, this little gem is currently off-menu at Patterson House, so lend the barkeep a wink and a smile when placing an order. (Olé!)