Feeling penny-pinched? Robert’s, the honky-tonkin’ jewel of Lower Broadway, has got us covered. For $5, thirsty (and hungry) customers can stuff their faces with the Recession Special, a popular package deal that includes a PBR, a bag of chips and a fried bologna sandwich. And trust us – this ain’t your mom’s bologna. The meat is thinly sliced, meaning it gets nice and crispy upon hitting the grill. Tossed between two slices of grilled white bread and topped with ol’ standbys like lettuce and tomato, it’s a simple treat that delivers a punch – not unlike the Pabst Blue Ribbon we'll wash it down with. (Former Roberts employee Alaina Thetford describes the meal as “incredibly epic.” We’re obliged to agree.)

Samantha Harlow, who holds down the bar during the first half of the week, says the Recession Special is one of the most popular deals in the city. “From the moment we open to the last few minutes of the evening, people are ordering it,” she explains. “We go through ten to twenty pounds of bologna every weekend night. And this is the thinly-sliced stuff! That’s a lot of bologna.” (Sounds like a lot of good to us.)

If you’re looking to slurp your way through a smaller meal, consider the Breakfast Shot, an off-the-menu drink that features equal doses of Jameson and Butterscotch Schnapps. Samantha shakes it, strains it and serves it up with a small chaser of orange juice, creating the sort of alcoholic delight that can start your day... or end it, depending on how many you order. “You pound the shot and then pound the chaser, and it tastes like breakfast pancakes with orange juice,” she says. “A couple girls came into the bar one night, ordered those shots and taught me how to make them. They’ve been my go-to ever since.”

Unfortunately, Robert’s isn’t open early enough for breakfast – but if you order one last round of Breakfast Shots before the bar closes at 3 a.m., it’ll feel pretty close to the real deal.