It's finally that time of year – the flowers are blooming, the antihistamines are flying off of the shelves, the patios are opening the doors, and we can no longer suppress our instincts to clean house from top to bottom. Luckily for us, thanks to institutions like the Green Wagon and the Turnip Truck, Nashvillians can skip the big-box stores and hit up mom-and-pop joints to bolster our cleaning artilleries instead. We recommend kicking off the cleaning rampage by hitting up the “filling station” at Green Wagon, where customers can fill their own containers with earth-friendly glass cleaner, dishwashing liquid and bathroom cleaner. They carry laundry detergent, too, but the best stuff can be found across town at the Produce Place and Hart Ace Hardware. We’re talking about Roux Maison, an all-natural laundry product that’s whipped up right here in Music City.

For those more preoccupied with making things smell as clean as they are buffed to polish, we suggest lighting up a Nashville-scented candle from Southern Firefly Candle Co. before rolling up those sleeves and start washing the bathroom tiles. What does Nashville smell like? “A blend of Tennessee whiskey mixed with the leather scent of a boot shop,” according to them. We’ll take a whiff of that.

But what about them hardwoods? We enjoy making our own batch of homemade wood polish by mixing one ounce of white vinegar with three ounces of olive oil, and since it take a full bottle of oil to buff 'em to a shine, it pays to get good stuff. Olivia Olive Oil in Franklin has all the variety needed (and some worthwhile raspberry balsamic vinegar, too).

And after all that cleaning, why not treat ourselves to some bubbly? (We’re talking about soap, of course.) We’re partial to Music City Suds, a soap company that uses natural ingredients grown on Tennessee farms. Even the packaging is eco-friendly, with each bar of soap arriving in a scroll of recycled sheet music – which makes for some high-quality shower songs if you ask us.