Good news: lower Broadway is about to get another honky-tonk. But if that prompts you to expect a neon-lit watering hole filled with the smells of fried bologna and the sounds of run-of-the-mill country-pop – think again. "We're gonna elevate the honky-tonk experience so much that we may not even be a honky-tonk anymore," admits Tom Morales, the brains behind Acme Feed & Seed.

Launching later this month on the corner of 1st Ave and Lower Broadway, the Acme is a three-floor bar, music venue, event space and locally-sourced eatery. There are large, wooden bars on every floor, each one serving selections from the Acme's collection of 28 local craft beers (not to mention cocktails made with house-made syrups and local produce), and any adventurous patrons who venture all the way to the top will find themselves on a rooftop that overlooks the Cumberland River. Housed in a building that was constructed back in the 1880s – using wooden beams from trees felled during Andrew Jackson's reign as president, no less – the Acme bridges the gap between old and new, updating Nashville's past for a generation of 21st century barflies who like their beer local, their music hip, their buildings reclaimed and their hot chicken served with gourmet toppings like green peppercorn aioli.

"We'll be serving a wide spectrum of food," Morales explained during a recent "hard hat tour" through the premises. "The guy who wants a BBQ sandwich and a beer can find that here. So can the guy who wants curried chickpeas with coconut rice and grilled flatbread." Sadly, samples were not offered.

We did sneak a peak at the third floor, though, where the Acme plans on hosting concerts that appeal to more than just country fans. Hard Working Americans will kick things off on June 30, bringing some rock & roll grit to a neighborhood that's normally steeped in boot slappin' twang. Since the ceiling of the third floor slopes upward, the room carries sound especially well... and the open floor plan means it's easy to see the stage, too, regardless of where you're standing. Rock & roll, indeed!