America just turned 238 years old – which leads us to wonder: is there a better way to celebrate our country’s latest Independence Day than by ordering a slice (or three) of apple pie? It’s pretty much America’s patron confection – the xenophobe’s alternative to birthday cake. So to keep the spirit of Independence day alive – we plan to celebrate Inde-pie-dence day all summer long.

The Loving Pie Company
A scratch-made apple pie, topped with a latticework of crisp, locally sourced… bacon. (!) You can't get more American than that. The pies, savory quiches and coffee drinks change on the daily at this Belly Hill sweet shop, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for the current roster of slices 'n' slurps. Pro-tip: Why pay full price for a slice?

The Loveless Cafe
A rotating selection of fresh-baked pies is just waiting to greet us when we walk into this beloved lobby. (We don’t care what they go by – there’s plenty of love here.) In fact, it’s so good we pretty much forget all about the 20-minute drive required to get out of Nashville and into this legendary roadside diner. Yup, here pretty much everything – the flaky, buttery biscuits, the crisp cobblers, and the fried chicken wings – is made from scratch. So it only makes sense that their apple pie is nothing but success. (It may just be the best in town.)

Mayo’s & Mahalia Jackson’s Chicken & Fried Pies
Shaped like empanadas, the hand-sized fried pies at this BBQ trailer are just shy of a buck. Which makes us feel a little less ashamed for eating about ten of them at a time. Located in a parking lot off Jefferson Street, Mahalia Jackson’s is the sort of humble, semi-hidden gem that reminds us what apple pie is all about: taste, not trendy locations.

Sweet Creations
Stuffed from dinner but still craving some dessert? Waddle over to Sweet Creations and order their 3” apple pie, which is shaped like a miniature tart. Pro-tip: If you’ve got enough room to spare, go ahead and sink your teeth into the 9” version. Famous for their pecan pies, Sweet Creations is no slouch when it comes to the apple variety, which packs an autumnal punch regardless of the size (or season). Sweetness indeed.