We've got some sad news for local junk food fanatics (including ourselves): National Junk Food Day came and went on July 21st, meaning we just missed the chance to gorge ourselves on donuts and ice cream as a gesture of patriotism. But never fear! Nashville is still filled with some of the sweetest, heaviest and downright junkiest dishes ever to grace a taste bud. Sure, we'll never able to maintain a diet in this town… but when the food is this mouthwatering, do we even really want to?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes
Feast your eyes on this: a towering cupcake consisting of chocolate chip cookie cake, cookie dough frosting and chocolate chips, with a homemade chocolate chip cookie to top it off. Who said anything about dessert? This thing is big enough to be an en-trée.

The Double ByPass at Bacon Nation
Oh my lard! This mega-meaty behemouth starts with two 1/3 lb patties made with equal parts beef and ground bacon, all slid between two grilled cheese-and-bacon sandwiches. We've never seen anyone eat two of these in one sitting… but we bet it's a tasty thing to try.

All-You-Can-Eat Candy-Covered Pancakes at Pfunky Griddle
We get it: you really dig junk food, but you're reluctant to order it in a nice, sit-down res-taurant. When the need to feel independent becomes just as unrelenting as the need to stuff your face, head over to the Pfunky Griddle for the all-you-can-eat pancakes, which each customer is expected to cook himself on a tabletop griddle. The best part? You're allowed to choose your toppings, which run the gamut from M&Ms to chocolate chips to Butterfinger bits. (Pro-tip: try 'em all.)

The Bodacious Bleu Balls at Music City Pizza
Fried dates filled with bleu cheese and wrapped in bacon. What isn't there to love? We're big fans of the pizza at this music-and-munchies joint, but we've been known to skip the pie altogether and order two helpings of this show-stealing appetizer instead. (We might shoot for three next time, although we'd need help getting out of our booth.)

The Super Deluxe Burger at Fat Mo's
The name says it all. This fat, 27-ounce burger is shaped by hand, soaked in a home-made marinade of Persian spices, cooked to order, and served with your choice of the ol' standbys: ketchup, mustard, mayo, onions, lettuce, pickles and tomato. If you want mo' food, just order up a batch or stuffed jalapeños, or push your gut to the limit by ask-ing for the 20-piece chicken wings.

The Deep Dish Cookie at 312 Pizza
The Chicago-style pies at this Germantown pizzeria are doggone filling, but you haven't even known satiation until you finish off your meal with one of 312's deep dish cookies. Baked in a fat-bottomed pan and topped with a sweet 'n' simple combination of homemade chocolate syrup and local Pied Piper ice cream, they're worth traveling all the way to the Windy City to order. (Or, in this case, North Nashville.)

Duck Fat Tater Tots at Merchants
So simple. So delicious. The chefs at Merchants skip the standard oil used to fry most potato products and swing for the fences by immersing these chunks of grated potato in duck fat. It's enough to make you flap your feathers.