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Beauty and Youth Salon & Spa

50% off Beauty and Youth Salon & Spa
The Scoop: This is the story of a Greenwich Village spa that can hook you up with beautiful hair,...
The Scoop: This is the story of a Greenwich Village spa that can hook you up with beautiful hair, skin, and nails, all in one bright, relaxing expanse. We're not talking about a salon with a few sad manicure stands. The team behind Beauty and Youth has been in business for over a decade, and their new spa and laser center is a completely full-service affair. Everything you need is here, spread across two sunlit floors: a salon with Aveda products, rooms for facials and skin treatments, rows of leather pedicure chairs (the I-never-want-to-leave massaging kind.) If you're after the sort of beauty solutions that require serious science and technology, look no further: Beauty and Youth has effective laser treatments for everything from fat to hair removal. A place where you can get a blowout and a photofacial? What a beautiful time to be alive.

The Scoop: Beauty and Youth has just the right combo of old school spa professionalism and wildly advanced instruments and services. The staff is steeped in efficient, effective eastern European techniques, and they're trained in everything from microdermabrasion to laser treatments for spider veins. Whatever you want, they can do, from a simple eyebrow wax to a full-blown non-surgical facelift. Even better, since it's all in the same (giant) location, you can make a day of it. Start with a deep tissue massage, get a bikini wax, and finish with a haircut (consider it a reward for toughing it out through the waxing session). Don't feel like making up your own itinerary? Beauty and Youth will handle that as well, just choose from the long lineup of spa packages. The "Busy Person" package, for example, gets you an aroma therapy massage, a Brazilian, a mani-pedi, and a complimentary glass of wine or shot of vodka. (Right? That last part made me fall a little more in love with them, too.)

It's also worth noting how inviting the entire Beauty and Youth set-up is, above and beyond the services you can get. Still fresh from a complete remodel, the space has tons of windows that allow for big rays of Greenwich Village sunshine, a perfect match for the relaxing seascapes on the walls (done by a pair of local artists). The whole spa is designed to relax you upon entry, so that even if you've just popped in for a quick manicure, you'll be thoroughly chilled out by the time you have to rejoin your non-spa existence out there in the real world.

Hours: Open daily, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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