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Gristle Tattoo & Art Gallery

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The Scoop: First, take what you know about tattoo parlors and throw it out. Now imagine a brigh...
The Scoop: First, take what you know about tattoo parlors and throw it out. Now imagine a bright, airy spot that's as much an art gallery as it is a place to get inked. The team behind Gristle Tattoo set out with one goal in mind: to re-imagine the traditional tattoo shop, creating a comfortable space where artists and clients can collaborate on designs. Whether you're an old pro or are looking to get your first piece, the talent at Gristle will work with you to make sure you walk out with what you want. Vegan tattoo seekers, especially, should take note—Gristle is one of the only shops in the area capable of a tattoo process that's completely animal product-free.

If it weren't for the sign, you might not realize at first that you've walked in to a tattoo shop. Gone are the standard wall-to-wall posters of popular designs (no charts of tramp stamps, no ill-advised Looney Toons characters); they've been replaced by a smattering of framed works by local artists. Instead, if you'd like to see some options, you'll pick up an iPad at the front desk, and flip through the portfolios of the resident and visiting artists. Visit now and you'll be looking at the work of Ashley Thomas and Picasso Dular, Gristle's current artistic talent. Ashley specializes in vegan tattoos (the entire process, not just the ink, is free of animal products), and Picasso still has fans making the trip from Chicago (his old stomping grounds) to get new pieces. Each artist has a striking style and a way with clients, are open to collaboration, and will make you feel safe and comfortable throughout the appointment.

In addition to showing the work of New York artists on its walls, Gristle Tattoo also supports the community by hosting events for local non-profits and rescues, both in the shop and on its back patio. It's all a part of their efforts to contribute art, wit, and strength to the city, and to leave a lasting mark on the neighborhood in more way than one.

Monday—Wednesday, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Thursday, 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday—Sunday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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