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Iconic Hand Rolls

50% off Iconic Hand Rolls
With an environmentally-friendly and health-conscious menu, the eats at Iconic Hand Rolls are great for body, mind and planet.
It’s great to keep good things going. At Iconic Hand Rolls, sustainability and fun go hand in hand. With an environmentally-friendly and health- conscious menu, the eats at Iconic are great for body, mind and planet. All of the sushi is served up in cones, for an enjoyable (and travel-ready!) handheld treat. All of the fish used in their dishes are sustainably-sourced (just like the wooden cones used to hold the sushi). Step into this colorful East Village spot and order up a cone (or two or three) of your favorite roll. For some sensational seafood, try their Spicy Skipjack Tuna (rolled in a shiso leaf with garlic chips, ginger, scallions and sriracha) or go for their Red Crab California (crafted with real succulent crab meat — no imitations here! — avocado, pickled cucumber, masago aioli and sesame seeds). For vegetarians and veggie lovers, savor the likes of their Shiitake roll (with shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, pickled carrots, mesclun, sriracha sauce and sesame seeds). Follow your cones with a fresh kale salad (topped with slivered almonds, more shiitake ‘shrooms and a light ginger-miso dressing) for an extra helping of flavor and essential vitamins. Keep the fun going with Iconic’s unique selection of beer and sake, or go for their popular chocolate pudding (served with whipped cream and a stick of favorite Japanese treat, Pocky!). Let the good times roll!

Menu Highlights:
Spicy Skipjack Tuna roll — $6.50
Red Crab California roll — $6.50
Shiitake roll — $4.50
Kale salad — $3
Chocolate pudding — $3.50

Sunday - Thursday: Noon - 11 p.m.
Friday - Saturday: Noon - 12 a.m.

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