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Fulton St. Bagels

50% off Fulton St. Bagels
A freshly baked bagel on your way to work? Sure, just pop into Fulton St. Bagel. There's really no better way to start off your day.
There's something about a freshly made bagel in the morning. Or for lunch. Or just as a midday snack. Pretty much any time is right in our book actually. Which is why we're glad we stumbled into Fulton St. Bagel recently, where you can treat yourself to just about any style sandwich placed on a crispy fresh bagel. Or fresh hero roll. Or hoagie bread. Fulton St. Bagel has been supplying the residents of Ft. Greene and Downtown Brooklyn with the hand-rolled, kettle-boiled delightfulness they crave, be it the commuters on their way to work or school kids or construction workers filing in for lunch. Also on the menu are handmade cream cheeses and spreads, plus specialty sandwiches like Corned Beef, Black Forrest Ham or Genoa Salami. If you're not in the mood for a bagel (umm…?) they've still got you covered with offerings like fresh muffins and pastries, cold sodas and juices and daily soups and sides like macaroni salad. We've discovered macaroni salad also to be good any time of the day.

Menu Highlights:
Fresh Bagels with flavored spread, $3.25
Specialty Sandwiches, $4.50-$6.50

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