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11 B

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With classic Italian dishes like fresh lasagna and baked ziti up front, and pies to go (either whole or by the slice in back), 11 B is like the mullet of Italian restaurants. Except in this case, we support it 100 percent.
Mullets. A classic hair style, all business up front and party in back. 11 B. A classic, sit down Italian restaurant up front, fresh slices to go in the back. While we may be on the fence about the mullet's place in today's hair lexicon, we're 100 percent certain of 11 B in our dining lexicon.

Come in and grab a table in the uber casual dining room. If it reminds you of a family member's living room, you're not alone. The fireplace along the wall, the antiques throughout and the friendly staff are all designed to make us feel at home while we chow down on delicious Italian classics, like homemade lasagna, an eggplant parmigiana platter and spinach ravioli. Also, pay attention to the personal pizzas and the house specialty, the baked ziti. Since the restaurant is all about BYOB, don't forget to bring a few dranks. After all, a meal without wine is, well, it's still a meal; it's just not as good.

Finally, go for one of the tables next to the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the inhabitants of Alphabet City wander by. You may find it a great place to determine your own stance on mullets.

Menu Highlights:
Lasagne, $16
Eggplant Parmigiana, $15
Baked Ziti, $15

Daily, noon to midnight

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