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Salon 13

50% off Salon 13
A haircut is not simply a haircut in this town. And Salon 13 is not simply a salon. Helmed by industry heavyweights and housed in an attractive East Village locale, Salon 13 is where you're getting your hair did from now on.
A haircut is not simply a haircut in this town. It's an expression of who you are, your attitude towards the world and how you want to be treated. But no pressure. Luckily, you're making an appointment at Salon 13 in the East Village. The stylists here may seem too cool for school, but it only takes a second into your consultation to realize the stylists here are serious about making you happy. They're cool and nice. Opened in 2010 by a veteran of the nightlife industry, Salon 13 is in the business of making its clients look marvelous. The stylists here are all industry heavyweights, who each have a long list of regular clients, celebrity or otherwise, some who fly in from all over the world just to sit in their chairs. Anything you want done, Salon 13 will do: a simple cut, bold hair coloring, extensions, keratin treatments—you name it.

The vibe is relaxed and intimate, with prints from local artists surrounding floor-to-ceiling mirrors, sparkling chandeliers and velvet-embossed deep-purple walls. Open seven days a week and not afraid to stay open late if necessary (the habits of nightlife people!), Salon 13 is a fine place to let your inner freak/chic/page-boy out.

Daily, noon to 8 p.m.

Women, $85
Men, $65
Single Process Color, $100
Keratin Treatment, $250

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