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50% off dinner at Swine
Part upscale dive bar, part swank restaurant, plus one free pinball machine, Swine is everything we want in a West Village eatery. Come for the four wines on tap and killer cocktails, stay for the pork belly and foie gras sandwiches.
It's funny, the only thing we've really ever walked away with from a concert was a hangover and a buzzing in our ears. But when a Broadway lawyer and a veteran of the NYC restaurant scene walked away after meeting at Lollopalooza a few years ago, one of our favorite West Village eateries was born. Part sit-down restaurant, part belly-up-for-cocktails bar, Swine resides in that happy in-between of offering a seriously delicious (and surprisingly not pork-dominated) food menu, an extremely inventive cocktail program, and a decidedly un-pretentious atmosphere.

A quick twirl on either level will show how they've taken the best parts of dive bars (the music posters, photos of rock legends and free pinball machine up front) and blended them with notes of a legit restaurant (cozy dining space, beautiful table tops and an open kitchen). Helmed by a vet of heavy hitters like Cafe Cluny and SoHo House, the kitchen puts out goodness like pork belly with sweet chili glaze, spicy pickled cabbage, a bone marrow and brisket burger, and a foie gras and jelly sandwich. Pop in for a weekend brunch and nurse a hangover with the Hangover Sandwich (with fried egg, smoked bacon, avocado, tomato and harissa aioli) or the pork belly bread pudding. Then head to the bar where there's wine on tap (!!!), a slew of small-batch beers and liquors, and The Swine Punch (bartender's choice, made daily) to help create a new one all over again.

Menu Highlights:
Potato Chip Nachos, $10
Pork Belly, $14
Bone Marrow & Brisket Burger, $18
Foie Gras & Jelly Sandwich, $18

Monday-Friday, 5 p.m. to midnight
Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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