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Fatty Crab

50% off Fatty Crab
If we had to pick a restaurant to be our spirit animal, it'd be Fatty Crab. This West Village joint, which is inspired by Southeast Asian street food, is equal parts casual attitude and seriously delicious menu, and we like it.
If we were ever tasked with choosing a restaurant to personify our attitude toward life, we would definitely pick Fatty Crab in the West Village. The vibe of the dining room is relaxed and causal, with loud music always playing, cold beer always flowing and eating with your hands is strongly encouraged. The small, 32-seat restaurant on Hudson Street offers up a menu inspired by the street food of Southeast Asia as seen through the eyes of a couple of restauranteurs who really just want to have a good time.

But while the motto of the joint might be about not taking yourself too seriously, the food that's offered up is nothing to dismiss. Snack options include items like quail egg shoots and steamed pork buns. Heartier fare includes a watermelon pickle and crispy pork dish with fresh herbs, pork belly and sweet ginger, the Fatty Duck with pickled mustard greens, thai chili and tamaki rice, and the Chili Crab, with Dungeness crab in a spicy chili sauce and served with pullman toast. Yup, it's safe to say that Fatty Crab, part of the Fatty empire, that includes the Fatty 'Cues in Willamsburg and West Village, might just be the restaurant version of our spirit animal.

Menu Highlights:
Quail Egg Shooters, $7
Steamed Pork Buns, $12
Chili Crab, MP
Watermelon Pickle & Crispy Pork, $17

Monday - Wednesday, noon to 11 p.m.
Thursday & Friday, noon to midnight
Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight
Sunday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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