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Niu Noodle House

50% off Niu Noodle House
A little bit of Chinatown in Greenwich Village? We're into it. The two 'hoods pair surprisingly well at this noodle house that features authentic ramen, dim sum and a miniature Peace Arch from Washington Square Park.
As distinct as every neighborhood is in New York, it's always fun when their borders get blurred a little bit, and we don't mean just by coming up with random new names (we're looking at you Bedwick). Niu Noodle House on Greenwich Avenue is bringing some of the best of Chinatown eats to the hollowed grounds of the West Village, giving steadfast Villagers the chance to venture outside of the norm without going past Washington Square.

When it comes to the decor, "we really wanted to keep everything local feeling," says Niu's manager Richard. The eclectic dining room is dedicated too all things Greenwich Village, with life-size photos of local architecture covering the walls, and a faux subway stop leading down to the restrooms. But while the interior feels like a scene from "Manhattan," the menu is all Chinatown: dim sum crafted in-house, seven types of ramen, including buckwheat and spinach, and, in an ode to all things beef (NiU means cow in Chinese), the Beef Trifecta, which is a combination of flank steak, short ribs and beef shank served in a hearty broth with fresh ramen. We cleansed our palate with a traditional bubble tea and a sweet shaved ice and couldn't help but appreciate how easily the two neighborhoods complimented each other.

Menu Highlights:
Pork Soup Dumplings, $5.50
Flank Steak Spring Roll, $5
Beef Trifecta, $14

Sunday - Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, noon to midnight

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