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Yoshi Sushi

50% off Yoshi Sushi
This Avenue A eatery offers a modern, light-hearted take on traditional Japanese fare–with enough sushi and sashimi to last us for quite some time. And yes, plenty of sake, too.
Whether it’s Friday, or ok, maybe a Tuesday... this East Village sushi spot is a great place to let the day’s troubles run out of your mind, not unlike a cold, smooth glass of sake. The food and the decor at this Avenue A eatery is a light-hearted, modern take on traditional Japanese fare. There’s a tatami-style room in the back, ready to seat a party of six to eight of our favorite sushi-eating folks. And with rolls like The Pink Lady and The Hollywood, or appetizers like the Rainbow Ceviches, "party" is certainly the appropriate term.

The staff here is friendly and accommodating, and that sense of hospitality extends right on down to the colorful tobiko, generously sprinkled over spicy tuna. And if there’s ever a fish we’re craving that they don’t have on the menu (an unlikely occurrence), they’ve promised to order it up on special request. Us? We're satisfied with munching on these signature rolls, all washed down with a bubble tea for a refreshing and relaxing chow-down. The taro is the most popular, and it’s a welcome treat next to any (formerly) sea-dwelling dish. But if tea won’t cut it (hey, sometimes it just doesn’t), Yoshi Sushi has 10 different kinds of sake to choose from. Have a seat, imbibe, and remember that all those Wednesday, or Sunday or Monday worries? They can wait.

Menu Highlights:
Pepper Tuna, $7.95
Rainbow Ceviches,  $8.50
Crazy Roll, $12.50
Sakura Roll, $12.50
Pink Lady Roll, $12.50
Hollywood Roll, $11.95

Monday - Thursday, noon to 11 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, noon to midnight
Sunday, 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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