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Madiba Restaurant

50% off Madiba Restaurant
We've been enjoying the authentic goods at this South African restaurant for well over a decade, and now they're rolling out a fresh selection of cocktails alongside an updated menu. Of course, they offer up a pretty impressive wine selection, too.
This place has been one of our favorites in the ‘hood since it opened back in 1999, and with good reason. With an updated (and seriously delicious) wine list, a fresh selection of cocktails and a seasonally changing menu, there’s always a good excuse to explore more of Madiba’s adventurous South African offerings. Now, choosing between the bobotie and the oxtail stew will be tough, so order up a Zulu Lulu to sip in the meantime. The refreshing mix of gin, organic ginger liqueur, fresh squeezed lime, slices of cucumber, and Secrets of the Valley juice (made with apples, cherries, black currants and pears) is like a glass of sunshine for our brains. (A good thing, we promise.)

During the colder months (or hey, really any time of year) two of the biggest hits are the Kerrie Vis and the Pap & Vleis. The Kerrie Veis is a mix of pickled I&J whiting fish cutlets with aromatic curry spices, served with Provita (savory South African crackers.) The Pap & Vleis is a succulent rack of lamb chops served alongside a towering pap (a fluffy dumpling-like cloud of white cornmeal) and chakalaka (a traditional South African tomato relish). Now, none of these hearty, savory meals should go without a glass of one of Madiba’s favorite wines, imported straight from Noble Hill vineyard in South Africa. Rumor has it that 40 cases of the stellar vino sold out in just two months at the restaurant. (We’d call that hard evidence of good taste.) And come the end of November, Madiba will even be serving their very own wine, carefully crafted by award-winning vintner Ntsiki Biyela at the Stellekaya Estate near Cape Town. We’ll look forward to raising a glass.

Menu Highlights:
Pap & Vleis, $22
Kerrie Vis, $13
Lorenzo Marques Prawns, $24
Zulu Lulu Cocktail, $11
Noble Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, $10

Daily, 11 a.m. to midnight

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