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Amsterdam Tavern

50% off Amsterdam Tavern
If academic life is a continuous pursuit of knowledge (and post-studying drinks), it's rather fortuitous that Amsterdam Tavern, nestled near 106th, is right by the Columbia campus — and has one of the most enticing beer selections in the city.
Academic life is a continuous pursuit of knowledge, better roommates, and the ideal place for a post-studying drink. (Though we’re also guilty of a few why didn’t I study more for that test drinks, too.) It's rather fortuitous then that Amsterdam Tavern, nestled near 106th on the eponymous avenue, is right by the Columbia campus — and that it is highly regarded as one of the most enticing beer selections in the city. On any given day, they have a rotating list of 24 beers on tap. Their selection covers the gamut – both American and New York-made brews are well represented. In fact, managing partner Mark has done such a good job of building relationships with his distributors that they often come to him first with brand-new brews to introduce to the city.

But it's not all drinks at this tavern. They sport a pretty stellar food menu as well. Classic gastropub fare gets elevated up a notch, thanks to Chef Carly. Their burger is something to be admired – a custom blend of brisket and chuck that has our mouths watering at the thought of it. And their nachos? Let’s just say that their juicy pulled pork topping makes them strong contenders for ‘Best in The City.’ They also put out a pretty impressive spread for brunch. Their Steak & Eggs, Crab Cake Benedict and Lobster Salad Sliders are prime for weekend feasting. All week long, the vibe here is local and relaxed, with a lot of the grad student and faculty population from Columbia coming in to rest their brains and watch a little soccer under Amsterdam’s original, 110-year-old copper ceiling. If they’re snagging stools at this hallowed tavern, they must’ve done their homework.

Burger, $11.95
Tavern Famous Nachos with Pulled Pork, $15.95
Crab Cake Benedict, $14.95
Steak & Eggs, $17.95
Lobster Salad Sliders, $16.95

Sunday & Monday, 12 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Tuesday – Saturday,12 p.m. to 4 a.m.

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