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50% off Raymi
On West 24th Street, an elegant Peruvian night awaits. Raymi's tall picture windows let us keep an eye on New York while enjoying the tastes of Peru, but their ceviche bar beckons and reminds us – sometimes the city can wait.
Behind a set of unassuming doors on West 24th Street, an elegant Peruvian night awaits. Pass through this threshold to the welcoming sights and smells of the spacious Raymi. Tall picture windows up front let us keep an eye on New York while enjoying the tastes of Peru, but the ceviche bar in the middle of the restaurant reminds us – sometimes it’s best to let the city wait.

First things first, get to the bar and make a new acquaintance. Pisco may be one of the more obscure spirits in the five boroughs, but this has to be the best place in the city to get to know the South American elixir. The grape brandy can be used many ways, and at Raymi they’ve got them all on the menu — in 30 different infused varieties no less. The cocktails can be mixed up with any of these infusions, like the savory Thyme, the exotic Purple Corn or the spicy-sweet Mango with Aji Amarillo (a yellow Peruvian pepper). The Pisco Sour is a luxurious and frothy rendition of the national drink of Peru, made with pisco, lime, egg whites, simple syrup and bitters. There’s also more modern creations like the restaurant’s namesake, the Raymi cocktail – a mix of pisco, aji amarillo, mango, passion fruit, lime and the signature pisco sour foam.

Have a sip (or a few) of both, then move things over to the ceviche bar. The Corvina Clasico Ceviche is a favorite, with super fresh pieces of the prized South American fish marinated in Leche de Tigre (Tiger’s Milk), a tangy lime-based juice. It’s topped off with red onion, sweet potato, cilantro and toasted corn to elevate this seafood to a level that will keep us land mammals coming back for more. (And the pisco doesn’t hurt either.)

Salmon Chifa ceviche, $15
Corvina Clasico ceviche, $16
Arroz con Pato, $28
Rosemary Pisco, $12

Mon. - Thur., 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Fri. and Sat., 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Sun., 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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