New York isn't exactly at a loss for blogs. There are plenty of locals willing to tell you where to go, what to do, who to see, and they'll put it all out there with a nice big helping of their own personal take on it all. But of all the feeds you check daily, only one gets your palm excitedly sweating as you maneuver your cursor toward the bookmarked page not once, not twice, but three times a day. And we want to know which one that might be. So, we asked you:


Our Scout says:

Obviously Overheard in New York never gets old (it's almost as good as the stuff you'll actually overhear on your daily commute), but for more nabe-specific blogging, I've been turning to NearSay. Since tons of local bloggers contribute, you get the best of all worlds, without having to visit tons of different pages. Plus, it's all organized by what neighborhood each post is related to, so you can broaden or narrow your geographical reading reach as desired. Brilliant!

You says:

The Skint and Gothamist. I also subscribe to Art Cards and a ton of other art sites.
- Truddie Trixy Reif

Brooklyn Street Art and F***ed in Park Slope! Hilarious.
- Vicki Foley

I always read Gothamist. Exactly my cup of tea.
- @daanvanrossum

I love From Me to You. That author is a girl after my own heart.
- Natalie Harris

I live on the Lower East Side and Bowery Boogie is my bible.
- Logan Brown

EV Grieve!
- Ben Goodman

Call me a heifer, but I love my food blogs: Nachos NY, New York Street Food, What's This Food? and Mouth of the Border. Yum!
- Cam Leesey

Refinery 29, Sketch 42, Brooklyn Based, Brokelyn, The Skint, CurbedNY and - duh - us!
- @effedparkslope

NEXT WEEK'S WHAT SAY YOU?: What local band's sound gets your feet tappin' and your heart rate jumpin'? Big names, small names, unknown or undiscovered. Whoever your favorite is, we want to hear it.

We're all ears! Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter @scoutmobnyc with your answers. And remember, there's glory to be had for the people with the best answers, so don't hold back. Really, you're only hurting yourself.