Caitlin Cannon began developing her Americana cred as a child in Huntsville, Alabama, where she was raised by Hank Williams, Jr's hairdresser (how's that for close to the source?), and steeped in all the country classics. After a stop over in Durango, Colorado, Caitlin now rocks her own brand of alt-country dream pop in every corner of New York. Wanna see for yourself? Don't miss her current residency at Teddy's in Williamsburg.

SCOUT: Did you grow up wanting to be a musician?
CAITLIN: I wanted to be Sonja Henie, the actress/figure skater.

SCOUT: Nice. Who were you listening to while you were dreaming of the magical acting/skating life?
CAITLIN: I was the last one to get a CD player so growing up it was the Huntsville, Alabama local country radio and my stepdad’s Queen and Beatles records. My Mom liked the Judds and cut Hank Williams, Jr’s hair, so that trickled in. My grandmother and I used to sit in the Baskin Robins parking lot eating mint-chocolate chip and singing Cole Porter tunes. But when I moved to Colorado, it all mixed in with more Alt-C stuff like Uncle Tupelo, Ryan Adams, Tift Merritt, Jenny Lewis and The Drive By Truckers. Now, I like to cover songs from Shirley Temple movies.

SCOUT: What's in heavy rotation for you now that you're in New York?
CAITLIN: I’m that girl who gets attached to a T-shirt and wears it everyday until it’s not T-shirt anymore. Right now it’s Justin Townes Earle, Joanna Newsom, and Maria McKee.

SCOUT: You've been a part of the local scene here for awhile now, are there any local, under the radar bands you'd recommend?
CAITLIN: Desert Stars, Rosy Nolan, Megan Burtt, Jane Herships, Spider, Alexis Blaire, Zac Brown (not that Zac Brown) and Holler. Something for everyone!

SCOUT: What's been the trickiest part of trying to break as a musician in these parts?
CAITLIN: I’d have to say not getting romantically involved with your bandmates. I found “The Artillery” at my yoga studio. Aidan (fiddle) and Joel (upright bass) are married, so that’s lucky! And then, asking other people to pay attention to what you’re doing.

SCOUT: How would you describe your sound to new fans?
CAITLIN: I call it Alternative Country Dream Pop, in which uncomfortable concepts are explored through chirpy melodies and evocative arrangements.

SCOUT: Where are your favorite places to unwind and hear music in New York?
CAITLIN: I try never to miss Kathryn Bloss’s house concerts in the East Village ... She always gets the greatest Nashville Songwriters to play and sing right in your lap.

SCOUT: What's the horizon look like? Anything we should watch out for?
CAITLIN: I just finished my first record self titled Caitlin Cannon and the Artillery. You can hear sample tracks at or pick one up at Teddy's in Williamsburg the 2nd Wednesday of every month.