Since the storms look to be sticking around, we went looking for a way to make the most of our next few days indoors (aside from making our video plea for Ice My House, of course.) Luckily, our friends at Hyperallergic have the perfect project in mind: Mail Art. Artist and writer Kate Wadkins lays out the skinny on how to get started on your submission:

In tandem with Northside Open Studios, Hyperallergic will be curating a Mail Art show from June 16-19, 2011. Hyperallergic HQ will be in the midst of the action during the four-day event, and the Mail Art show will be displayed in our space. We want YOU to submit your mail art to be featured in the show and of course, we will also be pulling from the submissions we have already received.

We are looking for a wide range of submissions, so be as creative as possible! Mail art as a medium has the potential to include layers of meaning and performance, due to its temporal qualities. Consider all the different pieces that make up mail visually and manually: stamps, envelopes, paper, and/or non-traditional contents and containers; plus the acts of opening, unfolding and reading.

I’m a newbie here at Hyperallergic and would like to introduce myself. So, hello, I’m Kate Wadkins and I will be curating the Mail Art show. I enter the world of Mail Art through my own involvement with ephemeral art forms, and in particular, zine culture. I am the gallery manager at Storefront in Bushwick, where I’ve also been curating Brain Waves, our zine and print collection. As a young punkrocker, I used to send mail art all over the country with mix tapes and care packages for my friends on tour and occasionally still do.

As always, send all Mail Art submissions, including those for the show (which are due by Wed. June 8), to:

Hyperallergic HQ
181 N 11th Street, Suite 302
Brooklyn, NY 11211

For more thought-provoking commentary on the New York art scene (and its discontents), head on over to Hyperallergic.