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As for this interesting image from last week, here are some of the caption contributions:


"The colors, Duke! The colors!"
- @schranknbake


"I can have my cupcake and eat it too!"
- Thao Le

"My eyes are NOT bigger than my stomach!!!"
- Jeanne Wagnon Miyakawa

"When all the other pups went for the bacon, Wallee strategically set his sights on the pupcake...."
- Megan Williamson

"What kind of dog pooped this?!"
- Jason Becknell

"We wants it; we needs it. Must have the Precious."
- Brenda Becker

"Note to Self: Candles are not edible (especially the lit ones)."
- Leigh Ellen Powell

"Somewhere over the rainbow..."
- Elena Irueta

- @ADvertise_ME

"I love sprinkles, but i hate the yellow ones."
- Karen Anne King

"To think I've been wasting my nose smelling butts!"
- Denitia Jaleel Fleming

"Someone, pinch me! I think I've died and gone to doggie heaven."
- Sherri Morris