New York is major. As in, bands from all over the world come here to play, in hopes of getting discovered, striking it big or selling out MSG. But for all the great musicians who come from outside the five boroughs, there are just as many worthy locals, who've not only resolved to play their hearts out here, but who've also planted some roots. Another night, another gig; that's the life of a local musician. So, let's give them back a little love—let them know their efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Tell us:


Our Scout says:

Tough call on this one, so I'm going to go with top three: Part rock-'n'-roll, part pop music, Sweet Fix is one of my all-time faves, 'cause they've got plenty of crazy guitar riffs to impress the fellas, while their sound is still upbeat enough for us ladies to break a sweat dancing to it. For slightly more low-key shows, I turn to the Brooklyn-based Lake Street Dive, whose poignant lyrics are set to ironically buoyant melodies, and the angelic and soulful voice of the unassuming Danielle Parente. I could listen that petite little lady sing all day!

You says:

Robbers on High Street!
- Lisa Llanes

Francis and the Lights.
- Raissa Hoffman Without question, my favorite local band is Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers. Do yourself a favor and check them out. They play Music Hall of Williamsburg with Man Man at the end of the month.
- Kristina Ensminger

Whale Belly!
- @nycnatalie

You guys should check out The Nezitiq Mute and the Bayside Tigers. Great live entertainment. I love hearing them play.
- Sharon Kim

the Due Diligence.
- Melissa

What say I? I say you don't know local toe-tappers 'til you've heard Pearl And The Beard's "Douglas Douglass."
- Molly Lindley

Robbie Gil, Derek James, Allison Weiss and The NowhereNauts.
- Tina

The Spring Standards, The Madison Square Gardeners, Ian Axel, Aabaraki and Katie Costello.
- Shannon Quisenberry

The Blue Meanies.
- Marie Mahoney

The Lisps.
- Anna Statnikova

Tayisha Busay. Check them out!
- Aly P.

NEXT WEEK'S WHAT SAY YOU?: Memorial Day Weekend is just a few days away—what local getaway is calling your name? Day trips and overnights alike are welcome, just so long as it's not too far!

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