Here in the awesome wake of Guactacular 2011, the team at Nachos NY have amped up their coverage of all things avocado. This week, guac-lover Greta Moseson has even launched a new mini-section on the site featuring reviews, recipes, and random thoughts on everyone's favorite dip—starting with a look at Tortilla Flats:

As the weather warms up, we are starting to see our once bare sidewalks transformed, as they are repopulated with outdoor dining tables. On Monday, I took advantage of this and headed to Tortilla Flats in the West Village.

T-Flats, as the locals call it (or just me), is known for its décor—you will easily recognize the illuminated plastic Santa Clause that hangs above the door, or the glitter covered Lady of Guadalupe that greets you as you enter—and its flowing pitchers of margaritas. Having gone before only for said pitchers and/or a rousing game of Tuesday night bingo, I was pleasantly surprised on Monday to find I actually quite enjoyed their food as well.

The guacamole appetizer gives you a sizeable serving and a basket of their excellent chips—not over fried or over salted. Cilantro may be a bit lacking in their guac and the texture is on the creamy side, but it tastes fresh and the ‘blend of Mexican seasonings’ they add surprisingly does not work against it. My only real problem is that it is served in a hard shell tortilla bowl. “This way you get to eat the bowl!” one might think. Wrong. This way you end up looking like an addict as you either try to scrape the sides of the tortilla bowl with a chip and end up breaking it, or start eating the tortilla bowl itself while your friends look at you with ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ written all over their faces.

Overall rating: May not be the most authentic place, but that is hardly what they are going for. Great atmosphere and certainly tasty enough for this guac-ophile!

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