After spending some time with their new EP, we've come to trust Diehard on a few things: how to sift the good parts of the 90's from the bad; how to deal in reverb without dousing the pop flame; and how to find a great, cheap meal after the club's kicked you out. Well, that last thing happened because we asked, and they obliged. Per drummer Zeph Courtney, "These places have three things in common: They’re open 24/7, have vegetarian options and you can feed yourself for under 10 bucks."

1.) Sunny and Annie's
94 Ave B at E 6th St
Of all the deli’s in New York with a million sandwiches all numbered or named, Sunny and Annies is the best. If you’re hungry and in this neighborhood get a 101: cracked pepper turkey, bacon, Swiss, cole slaw and Russian dressing on a hero. I order it hot and it can definitely feed two people.

2.) Bereket
187 E Houston at Orchard
Mediterranean fast food of the slightly Turkish variety. The doner kebab is the closest thing I’ve found to the delicious and inexpensive food you get from street vendors in Europe. It’s 6 bucks. They also have soup, salad, combination platters and of course, baklava.

3.) Hana Food
534 Metropolitan btwn Union and Lorimer
If you’re in Williamsburg and need an amazing sandwich at 4:45am this is your place. Lots of hot specials and vegetarian options as well as fresh deli sides and a good selection of fancy chips and drinks. I get the Jeffro with turkey, roast beef, muenster and brown gravy on a hero. More expensive than Sunny and Annies but very good.

4.) Manna
572 Grand St at Lorimer
Very clean modern take on Middle Eastern style fast food. Good coffee and tons of vegetarian options like salads and delicious combo platters. My favorite item on this menu is also one of my favorite sandwiches of all time, the schwarma combo. Mix grill of lamb, beef and chicken on a pita with lots of veggies and these great pickles.

5.) Meatball Shop
3 locations: West Village, LES and W’burg
Ok, they’re not open 24 hours and the vegetarian options are definitely not the focus but they are open until 4am on the weekends, they have a pretty impressive menu of “Green Market” sides, the whole menu is under $10 and they have house made ice cream. And plenty of balls jokes.

Before you'll find Diehard at any of the above cheap eateries, you'll find them playing the Back Room at The Gutter on Saturday, February 4th.