Hey, it's Friday! That means you're already hunkered down, trying to either catch up or get ahead, right? Or, you know, you're dreaming of yesterday's gorgeous preview of summer, and fantasizing about drinking on a patio somewhere. Whichever way you're swinging, you'll still need to take a break at some point. That's where we come in:

Gothamist reminds us that if 2012 is in fact going to be our last year here on planet Earth, at least we'll be going out after experiencing the glory of 24-hour cupcake ATMs.

If you've heard the name "The Great GoogaMooga" but have been wondering what in the hell it really is, Brokelyn's got the full breakdown. (Psst: it's a free music & food festival.)

Let's say you just read that sentence and were more interested in the food than the music. Eater's got something for you, too.

After discovering that thousands of dollars in art had been stolen from her gallery, owner Kristen Dodge literally chased the perp down and recovered the pieces. Who says the LES has gone soft?

To anyone who now lives within Little Muenster's new delivery radius, we salute you.

Wasn't this the plot of Baby Boom?