I scream, you scream, we all... eh, you know how this bit goes. We all really, really love us some ice cream. Especially when it's hot out, and extra-especially when it's hand-crafted by Greg Smith and Maggie Rentz of Westside Creamery. These lawyers-by-day, ice cream artisans by night (and weekends) make these delicious small batches using milk from Georgia dairy cows and fruits, vegetables, and herbs plucked from local farms. They've been a hit at all the intown markets and, as of this past week, they have their very own ice cream truck moving their delicious frozen desserts to the streets. Our editor happened to catch up with these Local Mugs on the Scoutmob Flip Cam during their Mercantile ice cream social... and grand debut of those snazzy new wheels.

Meet Maggie and Greg of Westside Creamery:

Check out their delicious frozen treats at WestsideCreamery.com, follow their updates on Twitter, or find them on Facebook.