If you've never taken part in Pillow Fight Day, here's a recap of the facts. For the last 7 years, a large group of New Yorkers have taken to a pre-designated public place, pillows in hand, and unleashed large-scale childhood rough-housing in its most time-honored form. For the last five years, people all over the world have followed suit, meaning that for one Saturday, scores of Earthlings are united in their desire to scatter feathers and whack one another over the head.

This year's Pillow Fight NYC is Easter-themed, so if you're feeling it, you'll need to report to Washington Square Park this Saturday, April 7, at 3 p.m., with as much Easter-related paraphernalia in tow as you can manage, plus a very soft pillow or two. Remember: no glasses or cameras if you're going to be down in the fray, and only aim your sack of stuffing at other armed participants. Plenty of people will just be turning up to watch.