Beware, North Brooklyn brunchers: some of your eggs-benedict-and-noise-hating neighbors have declared a war on your favorite meal. Consider us Team Sidewalk Tables.

Speaking of haters, it's Record Store Day Eve, and some folks aren't thrilled about it. In related news ... tomorrow's Record Store Day!

Rock the vote for our pals at NonaBrooklyn, won't you?

The L Magazine has the scoop on how May Day is shaping up to be a well-soundtracked protest. If you're into Das Racist or Dan Deacon, that is.

Have you decided where you're at with Girls (the show, not the band; the HBO show, not the CBS one)? Are you Post-Backlash or Post-Post-Backlash? Either way, Brokelyn's got some chatter about the outfits for you.

In case you missed it, here's that handy cyclist map. Use it to get excited about the bike show.