Let's say you're leaving the city for good, or that the world itself is ending. (Same thing, am I right? What, too dramatic?) Either way, you've got $10 left to spend in a legendarily expensive city. How do you capture the essence of New York with one ten spot? We asked some of favorite New Yorkers to do just that, and along the way, they proved it: New York may look like it wants to empty your wallet, but you can still get to its heart with just a few bills.

Eric Silver, Comedian
I'd spend my last $10 on approximately 5 songs at a Karaoke bar in K-town. As tempting as it would be to follow my stomach and get a greatest hits of New York delicacies, nothing quite beats belting out "Under the Sea" to a room full of strangers I'm assuming I can get a few good Samaritans to buy me some drinks as an "arts grant."

Zeph Courtney, Snap Truck
It just so happens that $10 is the suggested donation for admission to The Paley Center for Media on W 52nd St. If spending a day casually browsing an interactive archive of nearly 150,000 old TV shows and advertisements sounds like fun to you then this is probably one of the best bargains in the city. And somehow it seems very New York to pay ten bucks to watch commercials for products that don’t exist anymore.

Robin Bacior, Singer-songwriter
If I had $10 left for New York, i'd use it for subway fare and get to all my favorite corners of Brooklyn and Manhattan and do some serious moseying. There are few things better than a lonesome walk through all my favorite neighborhoods.

Jordan Bruner, Animator
If I had ten bucks to spend on my last day in New York, I would go to Caracas and eat an arepa. Why? Because the arepas at Caracas are delicious, and I had never had the opportunity to eat them before moving to Nueva York, and unless I were to move to Venezuela, I might not be able to enjoy them again.

Clay Williams, Photographer
A Metrocard. Because New York will always be home, and by the time I returned, a subway ride would probably cost ten bucks.

Craig Nelson, Writer
There's lots of dough in my answer:
$1.75 slice from Patsy's in East Harlem
$2.50 taco from Taco Mix
$1.25 everything bagel with butter from Absolute Bagel
$4.50 bottle of wine to enjoy it all in Central Park

Liz Teich, Stylist
You can't get much in the wardrobe department for $10 and if I'm dying or living a monastic lifestyle, it wouldn't matter anyway...so I'd have to satisfy my sweet tooth by enjoying the day at Smorgasburg with a $5 frozen banana ice cream from Rob & Anna's (made with just bananas, but tastes better than ice cream) and then spend my last $5 on a Rescue Chocolate "Mission Feral Fig" chocolate bar from one of my favorite little shops to visit, By Brooklyn—the proceeds are donated to animal rescue, so I'd feel good about my spending spree while I'm leaving the world.

Gabriel Rhoades, BBQ Films
I'd grab my wife, snag two cups of coffee from my guy on the corner (hi, chief!), drop two rides on a metrocard, and see the city one last time from the picture windows of the M1 rolling down Fifth Avenue in the afternoon.

Photo credit, "Patsy's": Gloria Dawson; Subway: Clay Williams