Aussie funny guy James Smith is a busy man—running around doing shows and T.V. appearances, acting all important and stuff. Lucky us, we grabbed a few seconds of his time and got him to give us some cold, hard answers. Here's what he had to say:

SCOUT: How do people know you?
JAMES: From my appearances on Comedy Central's Live At Gotham, HBO's Flight Of The Conchords and my live stand-up shows.

SCOUT: How'd you end up in comedy?
JAMES: I am a lawyer by profession, but I wanted to be a performer, so I changed careers and became a comedian. Thankfully, it worked out.

SCOUT: What's a day in the life of James Smith like?
JAMES: It's fun. I write material during the day, perform my shows at night, and then go out in NYC. Everyone should be so lucky.

SCOUT: What's your favorite thing about living in NY?
JAMES: The unlimited options for activity 24/7.

SCOUT: Least favorite?
JAMES: The smell of trash in the summer and the cold in the winter.

SCOUT: What do you do to escape from work?
JAMES: I love to go out with my friends. It's my favorite pastime.

SCOUT: What's the craziest part of being a comedian?
JAMES: That you get to goof off for a living.

SCOUT: What's your favorite "curious find" in New York?
JAMES: Blue Ribbon Restaurant

SCOUT: You have friends from out of town visiting, who've never seen the city. Where are you taking them on James' Tour de NY?
JAMES: I would take them to NOBU, Joe's Pizza, Provocateur, Il Mulino, Bowery Hotel Bar, Rose Bar [at the Gramercy Park Hotel], Boom Boom Room [at The Standard hotel], Norma's, Cones Ice Cream Artisans, Billy's Bakery, Crumbs, BLT Burger, and Central Park.

SCOUT: What would you do if you had to have a different profession?
JAMES: I'd be a Rock Star.

SCOUT: Describe New York in three words.
JAMES: Disneyland for adults

SCOUT: Finally, a shameless plug:
JAMES: I am headlining Carolines on Broadway this Sunday night at 8 p.m. It's going to be a fun show!

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