It's August, which means 2 things: (A) "The temperature is too damn high!" or some variation thereof, and (B) summer is on the way out. You may be complaining about the heat now, but thinking ahead to those winter days and making that cruel, frosty walk of death to the train every morning to go to work... suddenly a hot summer afternoon sounds like a dream. We're definitely gonna miss it when it's gone so we better take advantage of these next few weeks to soak up as much sunnin' & funnin' while we can.

So, whatcha gonna do? We asked a few 'mobsters what they're looking forward to in the final weeks of summer. If you don't have any plans (or you just forgot and now you're freaking out because WHOA, MAN summers days are slippin' away), check out what these cool kids are up to and get inspired:

"Hot humid days, rooftop bars, public pools."
—Meghan Flewwelling

"Walking my dogs in Astoria Park. I just went to the Lunch Hour exhibit in the public library and I loved that."
—Tyler Martin

"I am dying to have a beach day down at Rockaway Beach, ending the day at the Tiki Dance Party at Rippers."
—Cat Hartwell

"I am fleeing the city next week to Provincetown!"
—Austin Smedstad

"Making and eating homemade popsicles. I've made avocado, peach/plum with mirin, coconut lime, and chocolate almond coconut so far."
—Michaela Drapes

"Weekend flea markets in Williamsburg and Fort Greene and free outdoor shows: Wild Nothing and Grimes on the 9th and Little Dragon and Frankie Rose on 10th."
—Stephen Crowe

"I'm trying to save money so I'm taking advantage of things that don't cost a lot: going to the zoo, hitting up the beach and throwing barbeques to see friends. Mostly low-key things."
—Lerna Terpanjian

"Working. It's too hot."
—Chuck Jones

"I really want to fit in as many weekend beach days as I can; I haven't been very good about it this summer and it's my last chance."
—Austin DeBoer

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