There's still plenty of summertime socializing ahead, and that means you'll need something to chat about beyond the usual weather, work complaints, and comparisons of horrors stories from the McCarren Park pool. We've rounded up a few stories you may have missed in your weekly procrastinatory surfing thus far; we guarantee it'll be good for a full week of distant-friend or co-worker chit-chat.

Jonah Lehrer Makes It Up
Young New Yorker staffer Jonah Lehrer would like to remind you that sometimes a dream job can go awry in a terrible way (i.e., your day isn't so bad, after all!) In order to pump up his point in in an upcoming book, Lehrer made up some Bob Dylan quotes, apparently forgetting that die-hard Dylan fans love rooting out details they've never heard. Lehrer was busted by journalist and super fan Michael Moynihan, and has since had to come clean, and give up his coveted spot on staff. D'oh.

Hey, Girl
As much as we know it can hurt to see a Tumblr turn into a book deal, we're still behind the whole concept of Feminist Ryan Gosling, and salute its (imminent) success in the world of print. Not familiar? It's just an especially erudite twist on the "Hey, Girl" meme of tagging Ryan Gosling photos with additional clever / non-sequitur dialogue. Don't take our word for it: read the site, or go celebrate the launch of the book at Housing Works this Thursday.