Kickstarter: helping small town locals do big things. You’re a fan. You’ve probably even pitched in a few bucks in order to get a credit in someone’s indie film or be the first to receive a cocktail pressure cooker of sorts. But what really happens to those products that successfully raise enough money to become reality? Luckily there is now, the first marketplace for successful Kickstarter products.

We’ve gone ahead and picked out a few local darlings for you:

Oneironautics – A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming
You know those dreams where you, Pee Wee Herman, Kurt Vonnegut, and Jesus all sit down together to break bread? Well, in a lucid dream you can apparently do just that. This book will help you learn how.

The Present Clock
A time piece that bucks the traditional duties of tracking the seconds/minutes/ hours of your day, The Present tells time by the seasons. The hand takes a full year to complete a rotation, passing through seasonal-appropriate color schemes. NOTE: Staring at this won’t make your year go by faster.

Moustache Tie Clip
No, Scoutmob did not commission these. However, “they’re functional, but not stiff”, just like us!

The Glif
An injection-molded stand that allows you to either mount your iPhone on any existing tripod, or prop it up on its own, essentially turning your smartphone into a TV/computer monitor/alarm clock/anything else you want to do hands free.