Bold Statement of The Day: cupcakes are boring. There we said it. And while we're rustling feathers, we don't care for macarons, cookies are for amateurs and eclaires are for the birds. The way to our heart? The way to really get our sweet tooth aching? The doughnut.

From the simple to the sinful, a doughnut just hits the spot every time. And with the opening of the Doughnuttery, a petite, uh, doughnuttery pumping out fresh, bite-sized morsels right before your eyes in the Chelsea Market, our hearts (and our stomachs) have been all a flutter.

But in all the excitement of this new spot, we can't forget our favorite standbys. Behold, our picks for the best around:

Well what do we have here?! The big guys at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock above, those almond-studded and-chocolate glazed treats, are from Dough; The white-glazed treasure hiding in the middle is from the Doughnut Plant; At six o'clock, the sugar-crusted, bite-sized balls of dough come from the Doughnuttery; And that almond-topped beauty at 8 o'clock? That's from Wonder City Coffee + Doughnut Bar.

In the Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave
This pint-sized stand in the heart of the market is cranking out bite-sized doughnuts literally right before your eyes. Watch the doughy goodness come fresh off the conveyor belt and right into the flavored sugar of your choosing. Our recommendations? Speckled Strawberry or Urban Monkey (coffee/banana/chocolate).

Doughnut Plant
220 W. 23rd St, Chelsea; 370 Grant St, LES
This Manhattan mainstay pretty much invented the doughnut scene around here. The Lower East Side location is a bit reminiscent of the Soup Nazi's shop on Seinfeld, while the Chelsea outpost is, not surprisingly, a little more posh. Head there for a square pistachio doughnut, stay for disco party in the bathroom.

305 Franklin Ave, Bed-Stuy
This modest little shop deep in the heart of Brooklyn pumps out sinful little treats all day, baking and glazing in small batches to ensure freshness. So don't freak out if there are only a couple Hisbiscus or Blood Orange doughnuts left on the rack. More are on their way. Right? RIGHT?!?

Peter Pan Doughnuts
727 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint
Of their cream-filled powdered doughnut, Tina Fey is on record as saying "I really believe... if I had a penis, I would put it in this doughnut." Enough said.

Wonder City Coffee & Doughnut Bar
@ The Brindle Room, 277 E. 10th St, East Village
Getting at the tasty circles that Wonder City produces can be a little tricky, as it may require also ordering brunch from The Brindle Room. Run from the same kitchen, Wonder City supplies pastries for Brindle's brunch crowds on the weekend, but if you walk in and ask ever so nicely for a caramel, powdered sugar or hazelnut/almond doughnut (...or all three), they will usually hook you up. Assuming the friers are running.

Back Forty
190 Ave. B, East Village
The made-to-order doughnuts come out of Back Forty's kitchen still warm and with just the right amount glaze. Every time. If we had to put together our own Breakfast of Champions it would consist of a couple of plates of these bad boys with a cup of coffee. But the brunch here is pretty stellar too.