Ladies and Gentleman, our first official and collective "Awwwww" of 2013:

This ball of fur and smiles was born at the Bronx Zoo last week to mother Christine (or "Kicks") and father Milton. It is Kick's 11th offspring, while Milton is passing out cigars for the first time. The white cheeked gibbon is a critically endangered species out in the wild, and this cute little critter is the first gibbon to be born at the zoo in 13 years.

So why the "it"? Well, turns out Gibbons are shy when it comes to their sexual orientation. According to the zoo: "All newborns are born with a buff coat that turns black over their first two years. Once they reach sexual maturity, males remain black and females change back to their lighter color." But rather than spend 2 years politely skirting the issue, let's see if we can come up with gender neutral name that fits!

If only there was a way to incorporate three of our favorite New Yorkers into a name: Bloomberg, Liz Lemon and RuPaul. (Your challenge, should you choose to accept it.)

Let us know what you come up with on Twitter and Facebook. If you need a little inspiration, stare love-lornely at quite possibly the best family photo ever:

Or check out some home video: