It's here people. The Big Game is upon us. It's finally Puppy Bowl Weekend! Er... we mean.... no that's right. It's Puppy Bowl Weekend!! In honor of the All-American past time of sitting around a TV and watching adorable dogs prance around a faux-football stadium while hamsters float around in a blimp and hedgehogs cheer from the sidelines (!!!), we're celebrating our other favorite kind of dog, the wiener.

And really it's the perfect companion for game day face-stuffing: It can be layered with just about anything you want, it's not necessarily that healthy and tastes delicious, and it fits in one hand, leaving your other for beer pounding/waving frantically at your TV screen.

Get your PBW grub on before, during or after the big showdown at these top-notch dispensaries. Oh, and apparently there's a real football game on too.

Crif Dog
113 St. Marks Place; 555 Driggs Ave.
This place is the OG when it comes to crazy hot dog concoctions. Our favorite? The Jon Jon Deragon with a schmear of cream cheese, scallions and everthing bagel seeds.

Asia Dog
66 Kenmare St.
Hot dogs with an exotic twist: Asian inspired toppings. Our jam at this crafty hub is the Wangding: BBQ pork belly + onions.

26 E. 17th St.
Upscale and slightly healthier, the dogs here come tucked lovingly inside a French baguette. Get the Lamb Dog with Truffle Gruyere sauce. You'll thank us later.

Ditch Plains
29 Bedford St.
A Sloppy Joe dog or a hot dog covered in Mac 'n Cheese. Need we go on?

Rusty Knot
425 West St.
This "dive bar" on the outskirts of the West Village offers up a pretzel dog, which is more a a flaky croissant thing wrapped around a hot dog. It's the perfect thing to help wash down your Singapore Sling.

Los Perros
201 Allen St.
Just opening up in the Late Night Haven that is the LES, this place might just be your new drunk food go-to. Especially with items like the Mas Perfecto dog (deep-fried bacon, melted mozz and hardboiled quail egg) or the Pablo Escobar (apple chipotle slaw, potato chips and fluffy white cheese).