As we calmly ignore our recurring fear that machines are quietly planning a coup to create an all-robotic workforce, leaving us no choice but to become the world's second worst hooker, we happily bring you a list of some pretty handy NYC-centric apps that might actually help make life in this urban jungle just a little more manageable/enjoyable.

From finding dog parks to pointing out places to get free condoms (hey, V-day is just around the corner), your smart phone is about to get a whole lot more indispensable (gulp).

NYC Condom Finder
While this app may be titillating, safe sex is no joke. Plus, it gives tips on proper condom use! Play it safe out there.

Grade Pending
Perfect for the OCD among us who refuse to eat at any restaurant lower than an A, this app has all restaurants in NYC on a convenient color-coded map. Green = good, Red = not with a 10ft pole.

Immaculate Infatuation
Two guys from the music world who just happen to really love eating break down a sizable swath of the NYC dining scene with pretty honest, non-foodie reviews. We don't think Adam Platt would ever admit to getting so drunk he "technically doesn't remember the meal" he just ate.

Food Truck New York
Because you're always on the hunt for a good food truck. Essential.

NYC Sample Sale
There are two things New Yorkers love: standing in line, and standing in line to get a good deal on designer duds. This app helps you stay in the know on the latter.

Dog Park Finder
As a responsible dog owner you don't want to force your pitbull mix/maltipoo to just sit around your apartment all day. From Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, this app lists vital information about more than 2,500 dog parks around the boroughs.

"Let's get a slice!" A line New Yorkers have been regurgitating since the dawn of time. This app shows you where to go to only pay $1 for it.