Dear Superdome,

First off, great job over all on Sunday. We know how much work went into the game (ney, the whole week), and it showed. The field was green, the confetti at the end was a celebratory touch, Michelle Williams will have a flash of relevance for a bit. Really, just all around a great show.

Also, sorry about that whole black out thing! Sh*t happens, ya' know. Yet, at the same time, we kind of want to say thanks. See, next year is our turn (for the first time ever) and we were a little nervous. And we weren't the only ones. Ever since the announcement, there's been swirling concern about the decision: that it'll be too cold, or that it could even be snowing and the MetLife Stadium doesn't have a roof (Joe Flacco is apparently already beside himself. A bit presumptuous, no?), there's worry that our public transportation might not be up to shuttling the millions of drunks from New York out to New Jersey and back, and there's even some in-fighting about who's going to throw a better party, us or New Jersey (we take the 5th, but come on...). And, hey, all legit concerns. But the way we see it now, as long as we keep the place lit, we're ahead of the game!

And we mean this as no disrespect, Superdome. We know this was a freak accident, and logistically speaking it means your systems where all up to snuff and you avoided a huge blowout (and no, we don't actually think you're cursed). But it has taken a little pressure off up here, and for that we are grateful.

So hey, if around this time next year you find yourself with some free time and want to check out the game, come on up. Our treat. We'll leave the lights on for you!


New York City