Libraries. You've been to one before. Maybe back in elementary school? Or the library near your college campus that was actually just a conveniently named bar? Regardless, it's a concept that has lost a little of its cool in the age of e-readers, internet memes and gifs (man, we love a good gif!). But leave it to Brooklyn to bring a little sexy back to the library.

Behold Mellow Pages, a new reading room and library concept housed in a 250 sq. ft. studio in Bushwick, open now for your community building, coffee sipping, artisanal reading pleasure. Started by two friends from Seattle, one a painter-turned-writer the other an MFA grad from Queens College, Mellow Pages is a communal hangout featuring books from small, independent presses typically not featured in larger book stores. They've books come either from their own personal collections or through donations from said small presses.

Mellow Pages Reading Wall. Image courtesy Joann DeLuna, Bushwick Daily
Image courtesy Joann DeLuna, Bushwick Daily

But don't worry, you won't need to re-learn the Dewey Decimal System in order to find your read. This being Bushwick, the books aren't lining dusty old shelves, but are instead hung on the walls with an artful eye and cataloged on Goodreads. Open to the public, people are welcome to pop in and browse and grab some coffee (and beer in the future), or for a $20 annual membership you'll be allowed to check out a book at a time to take home.

We think Hannah Horvath will definitely approve. Get your read on at 56 Bogart St., Bushwick.