Bed-Stuy is continuing to get bourgeois boozy thanks to the folks of Bed-Vyne Wine. Having introduced the neighborhood to the world of good wine nearly two years ago, they're now hoping to do the same with craft beer. Meet Bed-Vyne Brew.

The small, polished-wood tasting room next door to the wine shop is simplistic in design and singular in goal: to expose the neighborhood and beyond to the world of good beers. Fresh out of the gate (the place just opened about three weeks ago) there are about 10 beers on tap, with bottled options coming soon. And of course, they'll have a rotating short-list of wines by the glass from next door. But perhaps the most considerate feature (at least in our book) is the to-go option: every beer on tap can be bottled up in a growler, ready to hit the road. We asked the gang for a couple of professional beer pairings based on some outdoor activities we have planned:

We're grilling up some burgers on our roof:
Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA – Scotland – 6.1%
"Perfect match for grilled burgers with its smooth mouthfeel and light hop bitterness."

We're brown-bagging it on the beach:
Innstadt Neues Helles – Germany – 4.8%
"A light bodied lager with malt and fruit balance combined with firm bitterness. Bring on the sun!"

It's pie season!:
Southampton Double White – New York – 6.6%
"This Belgian-style White has soft pleasing notes of coriander, wheat and citrus with a slightly fuller body, more alcohol and is intensely refreshing. Where's my key lime pie?"