If you're like us, then Google Maps is more of a way of life than a directional tool. Seriously. If it were more socially acceptable, we'd prefer staying in on a Friday night and looking at the street views of pirouetting hipsters than hitting up the clubs. But alas, that would just be weird (and mildly creepy), so instead we'll use Google Maps the way it was intended to be used: to target areas most likely to be occupied by yuppies and bacon, and to do a little urban foraging. Perhaps that will become our next totally normal obsession.

Yelp Wordmap: A Heat Map to the Hipster

A certain risk is involved when venturing out into uncharted waters. If you're not familiar with a neighborhood's demographic you could be in for a night of awkward guffaws and uncomfortable situations (tip: don't try and order a PBR on the UES). Luckily, the nerds at Yelp are using Google Maps to help calm our collective nerves, with the newly released Yelp Wordmap. The Wordmap offers ever-changing hotspots based on the number of reviews that use certain buzzwords (PBR, yuppie, hipster, etc.). So if you're ever on the fence about whether to dress up or dress like you just don't care, there's a map for that.

Falling Fruit: The Fastest Way to Your Neighbor's Fruit

Because the price of an apple at Whole Foods is just too damn high, we're more than willing to take on the social experiment presented by Falling Fruit, a Google Map of urban edibles, showing you available fruit trees in public domain. Started by two fellow map aficionados (who happen to be a computer science professor and a PhD candidate), Falling Fruit is an attempt to "facilitate intimate connections between people, food, and the natural organisms growing in our neighborhoods." Also, see: free lunch. Or, as they say, "Not just a free lunch!" Potato. Po-tah-to.