Admit it nerds, when you were young you fantasized about waking up one morning and having your neighborhood turned into Dinosaur Land, the pixelated, three-toned dreamscape of Super Mario World. You would use warp tubes to get around, crush those annoying walking mushrooms on your way to school and hang out with a dinosaur that could hover over things. It would've been awesome. We hear you.

And so has one Brooklyn artist, who has now fulfilled our fantasies and rendered Bushwick as if it were such a place. Ken Kocses, who says his art is "a celebration of art, nostalgia and creativity from the '80s and '90s to today," has taken the boundaries of Brooklyn's retro-chic neighborhood and rendered it in cubes and squares.

The painting shows off a number of area landmarks such as the “Call Your Mom” building, the McKibbin Lofts, Roberta’s and even Maria Hernandez Park. "It takes everything awesome about Bushwick, and makes it even more awesome through the visual language of Mario Brothers," says Ken.

If you'd rather see the painting in person than just zooming in on your laptop screen, head to the Southern cooking oasis that is Mama Joy's, where it'll be hanging on the partially exposed walls until mid-August. If the spirit moves you, you can buy the original for $4,500 or, more practically, you can buy a 12"x12" print for $30 over on Ken's website.

Or, you know, just keep hitting that zoom button below: